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For the second edition of POOL SIDESOUNDS, we introduce Brendan Anderson of progressive psych-electronic music group, Squaring Circles.  Brendan has generously arranged a thoughtful and inspired encyclopaedic playlist, designed to take listeners on an 8-hour journey ranging from 60’s and Brazilian funk, jazz, acid jazz, psych and then all the way over into deep house, techno and everything in between.     "This selection was created under the fantasy of having this spot for one day all to yourself and a little intimate crew," says Anderson. The playlist dubbed 'Cycles of the Sun' was curated to be listened to throughout the day between AM to PM on a balmy Autumn’s day. "It’s a narration on and a celebration of the transition of the sun. This 8-hour story speaks to the growth, peak and eventual death of the sun and how we relate to its cycle." The selections take inspiration from one of Anderson's favourite destinations, Twin Falls, in sunny Queensland's Springbrook National Park, a 45-minute cruise outside of the Gold Coast. His spot of choice is located along a two-hour walking circuit amongst the secluded and dense tropical rainforest.  A place in which Anderson happened to revisit when testing out this playlist after compiling these tracks, which resulted in two-hours worth of additional tracks from its original conception.    (Photos courtesy of Brendan Anderson)    It’s a level of thoroughness that is evident in Squaring Circle’s approach to their sound.  “After growing tired of conventional writing methods we created Squaring Circles as an experimental recording project focused on the concept of trying to capture spontaneous expressions and jams that occur without too much conscious interference,” Brendan adds. “Essentially it’s the idea of recording something the first time it’s being played and experienced. It’s centred on the notion of catching those dream-like fantasies that float around in our heads when we stop actively thinking and begin to passively daydream - that point where the unconscious becomes active.”“This makes recording really rewarding but editing and finishing pieces a nightmare. Although it’s challenging, we feel this process helps us develop our relationship to intuition and the attempt to express inner images as purely as possible.”   LISTENING NOTES: This is best experienced in order of playlist.  Listen: ‘You can stream Squaring Circles debut album here: ‘ Follow:Linktree: Instagram: squaring.circles    Watch: Squaring Circles - Gradients (Official Video) Squaring Circles - Anergyne (Official Video)