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Side Sounds #004 | Nick Murray (Otologic)

This edition of POOL SIDESOUNDS is curated by Nick Murray of Otologic – the DJ duo known far and wide as some of Australia's most respected selectors, and the brains behind one of Melbourne's most iconic dance event providers, Animals Dancing.  For over a decade, Murray has been a regular DJ around Melbourne's most iconic clubs and hosted some of the most influential artists from around the world whilst curating their eponymous monthly residency on the renowned global radio station, NTS Radio. Fresh off the back of Animals Dancing's long-awaited return event for some time, Murray has appropriately curated a 3hr selection dubbed "Pool Party Lite". The playlist draws inspiration from a swim in Palm Springs, but he maintains "the idea was it is meant for any poolside listen." "The selection was programmed to listen from start to finish, ideal for a 3 hour afternoon poolside session, but not any longer! It is what I would want to listen to by the pool, approachable to all guests, chill but not sleepy.” says Murray.   “There is a good portion of digi and dub groovers, a touch of house and ends with some emotional balearica timed for sunset." With the events sector back up in full swing, Otologic has multiple events planned throughout the year and will be launching a new label later in the year, alongside two new record releases coming out on the Animals Dancing label, which is something to keep a very keen eye out for.    Follow them here for more upcoming events and info.     PLEASE LISTEN IN ORDER OF PLAYLIST