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This edition's guest playlist is by Simon TK – a DJ, creator and originator, co-founder of SKYLAB RADIO and the legendary “Wax’o Paradiso” open-air parties. A musical curator with impeccable taste for over a decade, TK's vision has been a driving force behind Melbourne’s party scene.

His playlist is inspired by a subtropical rainforest in the Sierra Gorda mountains in Mexico called Las Pozas or “The Pools”. 

The magical place was built roughly 40 years ago by famous surrealist Edward James in an attempt to create a surrealist Garden of Eden. Las Pozas sprawls over 80 acres of dense forest, twisting psychedelic architectural structures and a network of natural waterfalls and pools.


TK explains that “I was in my early 20s travelling through South and Central America, and decided to take a solo trip to visit the pools. It was a beautiful day with dappled sunlight filtering through the forest canopy. 

I spent the day bathing in the pools, wandering and exploring the various structures, like huge free-standing concrete spiral staircases leading nowhere. At one point I saw a wild armadillo cruise past me.” 


The mix lends itself to lounging and relaxing by the pool and even some light pool party fun times. 


“There’s a bit of everything, new age, lovers rock, contemporary soul, psych-rock, IDM, and some Santana for good measure. I was falling in love with Balearic culture at the time I visited Las Pozas, which is fitting. It’s a style of eclectic and considered DJing originating in the mid-1980s in the Ibizan rave heyday. It is literally beautiful music to be enjoyed by the water, and a perfect fit for a surrealist pool in a jungle paradise” says TK. 


Before COVID, TK toured frequently around Australia and the world, playing some truly incredible pool and waterside parties. From the beach stage at Strawberry Fields to the Adriatic coastline at Love International in Croatia to private pool parties in Antwerp. 



This is best experienced in order of playlist.