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Side Sounds #005 | Noise In My Head (Michael Kucyk)

  Noise in My Head is the brainchild of Michael Kucyk, a legend in Australia’s subterranean music scene. Impeccable selector, former 3RRR and NTS radio host and current founder of the label Efficient Space, his ‘freeform sonic excursion’ introduced a generation to rare finds, unexplored genres and artists from around the globe. Kucyk has always treaded the line of if-you-know-you-know status. For this edition, Kucyk has curated a decompression session centred around a "late-night swim at home". “I wanted to do something different as I’m generally in a pretty introspective listening mood these days. I tried to keep it always flowing – jazz into dream-pop, into reggae/dub, into Latin American magic, into folk rock, into loner garage” explains Kucyk. “Incidentally, there are a lot of references to the sun but it's best listened to alone in the dark, in a body of water” Throughout his radio show, NIMH brought together producers, DJs, and selectors from all over the world, establishing connections between Australia, Japan, Germany, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, the United States and beyond. Before ending its objective in November 2018, the carefully curated show was broadcast on London digital institution NTS. ”Noise In My Head was first and formally a radio show that ran for 13 years. It was never one thing, constantly shape-shifting as I breathed in my surroundings and shared new discoveries (often via a network of friends). I use the NIMH handle to DJ a few times a year, but these days Efficient Space absorbs all my focus.” Predominantly devoted to rescuing recordings from history’s cracks and crevices while making select ventures into modern music, the imprint has released Yolngu songmen Waak Waak Djungi, fashion photographer-turned-blues guitarist Steve Hiett, and dub mystic YL Hooi. Listen to the full playlist on Spotify here   Follow Noise In My Head and Efficient Space IG: Soundcloud: URL:

Side Sounds #004 | Nick Murray (Otologic)

This edition of POOL SIDESOUNDS is curated by Nick Murray of Otologic – the DJ duo known far and wide as some of Australia's most respected selectors, and the brains behind one of Melbourne's most iconic dance event providers, Animals Dancing.  For over a decade, Murray has been a regular...

Side Sounds #003 | Simon TK

This edition's guest of the POOL SIDESOUNDS is Simon TK – a DJ, co-founder of SKYLAB RADIO and legendary open-air parties “Wax’o Paradiso”. His playlist is inspired by Las Pozas or “The Pools”, a surrealist garden located amongst subtropical rainforest in the Sierra Gorda mountains in Mexico. 

Side Sounds #002 | Squaring Circles (Brendan Anderson)

For the second edition of POOL SIDESOUNDS, we introduce Brendan Anderson of progressive psych-electronic music group, Squaring Circles.  Brendan has generously arranged a thoughtful and inspired encyclopaedic playlist, designed to take listeners on an 8-hour journey ranging from 60’s and Brazilian funk, jazz, acid jazz, psych and then all the...

Side Sounds #001 | Mildlife (Kevin McDowell)

Internationally acclaimed, Melbourne based band MILDLIFE, curates a delightfully mellow and downtempo playlist for your listening pleasure. Float away on an eclectic mix spanning from Balearic to Berlin School inspired by the raw and secluded surroundings of Dimmicks Beach, Australia.